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Best Python IDE!

        PyMe is a visual Python development tool for the general public, allowing Python developers to quickly develop Python application software through a complete development workflow

Win64 (PWD:bsgn)

Complete visualization workflow

        Through a visual integrated toolchain, developers can experience a complete workflow, from project construction, interface design to event handling, code writing, and finally debugging, running, packaging, and publishing, all of which can be easily mastered.

Rich and powerful functional experience

        PyMe is committed to creating a complete Python application developer ecosystem to assist application developers in generating better value, rather than just being an IDE.

Diversified case templates

Built in various types of case templates, developers can quickly generate dialog boxes, single documents, multiple documents, and database management software, as well as 2D and 3D game engineering frameworks.

Friendly interface designer

Through the interface designer, you can quickly create various desired controls through drag and drop operations, and visually design the software interface.

Rich developer store

You can obtain the components, skins, and engineering cases you need from the developer store, and you can also sell your own works in the developer store by submitting them.

One click cross platform packaging

Integrated with multiple packaging tools, developers can easily package applications and games from multiple platforms, including computer and mobile devices, with just one click.

Using interface skin schemes

If developers are not satisfied with their interface design, they can download skin solutions from the developer store and beautify the application interface with just one click.

Skin cases

Version type planning

PyMe currently offers three versions: free development, professional membership, and permanent membership

Free trial version

Free use

  • Complete workflow

  • Limited functional components

  • Limited packaging functionality

  • Limited number of windows

  • Paid Purchase Store Case

Professional Membership Edition

¥19.9 每月

  • Complete workflow

  • All functional components

  • Complete packaging functionality

  • Infinite number of windows

  • Paid Purchase Store Case

Permanent membership version


  • Complete workflow

  • All functional components

  • Complete packaging functionality

  • Infinite number of windows

  • Free download of official cases

Voice from users

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